Debugging under the Cobol Server 2012 runtime

I need help in debugging in the Run Time Environment since this is our first experience with it.

 We are migrating from NE 3.1 to VC 2.1.

I used Visual Studio originally to compile and then run these batch programs from the command line on the server we have Visual Studio/Visual Cobol installed.

These are all compiled in “native” mode.

Then used the command line compiler for both dll’s and exe’s to overlay the ones created by using Visual Studio.

All the programs ran successfully again.

Then I copied the command line compiled  dll’s and exe’s to the server where

Cobol Server 2012 was installed – this is how we plan to implement when we put this into production.

When I run under the Cobol Server 2012 I have no success.  After some research I found the doco on the Tracing Facility in your Cobol Server 2.1 under Visual Cobol Deployment.

Under the runtime when I run the Start command from the command line I get a flash of a DOS command window and then it disappears. Normally the DOS window stays open and you are able to see our message file display on the Dos window while the program runs.

 I have attached the cfg file and the output log (about 20 lines) created by the trace.

I see where I get the 255 error on the MF.RTS, but I have not figured out how to expand this info to really point to what the error is.

 I updated the .cfg to just use info at the highest level and ended up with the same log output.

 Can you help on this or do I need to open an incident in Support Line?

 Are there parameters I need to add to get more detail ?

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