Linkage Section

Dear Sir,

I am using Micro Focus Visual Cobol with Eclipse and when I Compile my program and try to RUN with Debbugins I get an error " Linkage Section Ítem Not Initializad".

Please could you say WHERE I can SET Linkage Section to TRUE without use a COBCONFIG file ?


Many Thanks in advanced for Your Help.


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    Hello PJM:

    Does the error message actually say, "Linkage Section Ítem Not Initializad"?

    When I test a simple program including an un-initialized linkage section item, and compile to .int code, I get the error "COBRT203 CALL parameter not supplied", and when I compile to executable, the program just crashes (even when I specify the LINKCHECK compiler directive).  So I cannot re-create the error "Linkage Section Ítem Not Initializad", but is this perhaps because of a language difference (English/Spanish)?

    When you ask "where to set the Linkage Section to TRUE", do you mean the runtime tunable named "command_line_linkage"?  If so, I do not know a way to set this runtime tunable without setting the environment variable COBCONFIG pointing to a text file containing:

    set command_line_linkage=TRUE

    So, create a file for example named "myconfig.cfg" and place it in the subdirectory of the project where the compiled executable is placed (the "Output Path" in the active Build Configuration).  Then modify the Run Configuration, on the tab named Environment Variables, and add COBCONFIG with value "myconfig.cfg".