visual cobol online license authorization behind proxy

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 27 June 2011]

I am trying to execute cesadmintool on Visual COBOL to perform online authorization and the process doesn't connect to the authorization server. I think the problem is that the Linux system is behind a proxy.
How do I specify the proxy details to the tool?
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    Hi chiqui
    Please get in touch with supportline. They will be able to help you by using a manual authorization .
    You can also go to and enter your authorization code there to get the licenses to isntall on the machnine, but if you are behind a firewall/proxy and dont have internet access, that wont help you.
    You will also need the Machine ID, which is available from the administration tool, and your email address . When you call .
  • thanks for your help!!
    In fact the url you provided did the work for me. While the system is behind a proxy i could move the generated manual activation data from that URL to the system and then executed the tool with option 4 (manual activation), and it worked!
    thanks again!