Will "HttpPost" method work in Visual COBOL?

Does the "HttpPost" routine Work in Micro Focus Visual COBOL? I have used it in Micro Focus version 2.1 for Unix. Since we are porting our application to Micro Focus Visual COBOL, I would like know if the "HttpPost" routine work here? If not so, What would be the alternative to implement this?


  • Verified Answer

    HttpPost is not a library routine supplied with Micro Focus COBOL, so your UNIX application must have been calling some third-party library. Since we don't know what that was, we can't tell you whether it's available on whatever platform you're using Visual COBOL on.

    If you're using Visual COBOL on the same platform that you used for "Micro Focus version 2.1 for Unix" (which was probably Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.1 for UNIX, or Micro Focus COBOL Server 2.1 for UNIX, which are the same COBOL implementation), then you should be able to continue to use HttpPost just as you did before.

    If you're moving to Visual COBOL on Windows, there are HTTP client APIs for native, .NET, and JVM.