when starting compiler receive the message: Load error : file 'bin/cobchecker64'

We're using VisualCobol on Cent OS (64-Bit)

This message is received when trying to compile: 

Load error : file 'bin/cobchecker64'
error code: 173, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
173 Called program file not found in drive/directory

I've seen the answer in kb.microfocus.com/.../article.aspx where we are advised to get the product Server Express and I've also seen kb.microfocus.com/.../article.aspx in which it is suggested the $COBDIR should be first when setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Even though the article was referring to another product, I gave it a try but it didn't solve the problem.

I've also seen a further article: supportline.microfocus.com/.../KBdo278.HTM which advised to not install in several directories. We have a $HOME/VisualCobol directory and also a $HOME/VisualCobol_server directory. Whenever I tried to install to an already populated directory I got the error message that the directory is not empty. How then can we not install to 2 different directories?

I've also looked for cobchecker64 on our machine in the hope of being able to somehow set a link but can't find it anywhere. Is (buying?) Server Express really our only option?

  • Verified Answer

    You should not have the production product COBOL Server intstalled on the same machine on which you have the development product Visual COBOL Dev Hub installed.

    The Dev Hub product contains the compiler and is used for development purposes.

    The COBOL Server product is for testing or deployment of your application in a non-development environment.

    Please uninstall both products and then reinstall only the Dev Hub product and try your compilation again.