when starting compiler receive the message: Load error : file 'bin/cobchecker64'

We're using VisualCobol on Cent OS (64-Bit)

This message is received when trying to compile: 

Load error : file 'bin/cobchecker64'
error code: 173, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
173 Called program file not found in drive/directory

I've seen the answer in kb.microfocus.com/.../article.aspx where we are advised to get the product Server Express and I've also seen kb.microfocus.com/.../article.aspx in which it is suggested the $COBDIR should be first when setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Even though the article was referring to another product, I gave it a try but it didn't solve the problem.

I've also seen a further article: supportline.microfocus.com/.../KBdo278.HTM which advised to not install in several directories. We have a $HOME/VisualCobol directory and also a $HOME/VisualCobol_server directory. Whenever I tried to install to an already populated directory I got the error message that the directory is not empty. How then can we not install to 2 different directories?

I've also looked for cobchecker64 on our machine in the hope of being able to somehow set a link but can't find it anywhere. Is (buying?) Server Express really our only option?