ED VC 2.1 & 2.2 "COBOL indexer Options

At workspace level there is an option "Enable indexer"

When this option is on.

When you add many programs to a Cobol (local or remote) project, the indexation starts in background.

You can't compile a program during the indexation.

The indexation may take hours (depending number of programs and number of copys used), so before to compile you have time to drink a pint of single malt !

  • What is the real usage of the index ?

What is the impact if the indexer is off :

  • When I compile a single program is a local project ?
  • When I compile a single program in a remote project ?
  • When I start a project build ?

What is the impact if the indexer is off

  • For the local debug ?
  • For the remote debug ?



  • COBOL Indexing is the scanning of programs for dependency information (i.e. copy file usage), without up-to-date index information changes to copy files won't cause the programs which use the copy files to be rebuilt during an incremental project build.

    In V2.2 this same COBOL index data is also used as the source of the information when showing the copy file dependency information in the COBOL Explorer and Copybook Dependency views.

    There was a very significant change for V2.2 in that the COBOL index information is now obtained from information generated by the last build. The background indexer is still used if you add files to a project and you have "Directives Determination" turned on the preferences, but otherwise it is skipped. This can mean the COBOL index information is out of date until after a build has been performed (this is planned to be addressed in a later version).

    With the indexer turned off you will have no copy file usage information and incremental project builds may not build everything they should but it would have no impact of single program compiles.

    For V2.2 unless Directives Determination is turned on (and you add files to the project) I don't think you should be impacted by the indexer as you were with 2.1 - if it does run you should be ok to just cancel the job (although this will mean the directives determination doesn't execute).

    I don't believe the indexer has ever had any impact on debugging local or remote as the information about which files to show during debugging comes from the .idy files created by the build.