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in NetExpress Help there are informations about
how to create table, alter table, and others


But in Visual Cobol dont have any informations about this?

  • you may find, what you are looking for when searching the Visual COBOL documentation
    with "Using OpenESQL Assistant"

    you will find familiar functionality when coming from Net Express. (I assume you are in R3 or R4).

    best regards

    Joachim Blome
  • But dont have details about to create table (or alter table, or create index, ...)

    In NetExpress have a big pages with this.

    PS: Sorry my english.

  • For Visual COBOL the statements supported for EXEC SQL syntax for OpenESQL can be found here:

    OpenESQL supported SQL statements

    These are exactly the same as in Net Express.

    I think that the detail you are referring to was actually covered in the sections SQL Option for DB2 which was the documentation for the XDB component of Net Express.

    The XDB "SQL Option for DB2" component is not supplied with Visual COBOL and therefore is not included in the documentation set.

    You do have a good point though that the CREATE TABLE statement is not included in the list of supported statements.

    I will create a bug for this omission.
  • Hi,
    in your link dont have option CREATE or CREATE TABLE
    is the same problem with Visual Cobol documentation

    If exists please send me the link web.
  • Sorry
    you say me "dont have create statements in this list.

    The Create Table is the same statement in Visual Cobol and NetExpress
    no news and updates?
  • CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE etc, statements for OpenESQL have not changed between Net Express and Visual COBOL although they are not documented for OpenESQL in either product release that I can see.

    I believe that the docs that you were looking at in Net Express were actually for SQL Option for DB2 and not for OpenESQL.

    Can you please tell me where in the Net Express documentation you are finding the CREATE TABLE reference?

  • In Help NetExpress (5.1 Free)
    Search - CREATE TABLE
    In results: Local: SQL Option Reference
  • Verified Answer

    Yes, see in Net Express this is documented under the XDB "SQL Option for DB2" section which is actually completely different than the OpenESQL section of the documentation. They are two distinct product components.

    I spoke to development regarding the ommission of statements like CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE etc. in both the Net Express and Visual COBOL OpenESQL documentation.

    The SQL-1992 Standard (ANSI X3.135-1992), defines SQL statements in various categories.
    One of these categories is "direct SQL statements" which includes CREATE TABLE etc., that are meant to be executed in the database itself.

    The other category is "embeddable statements" which include statements that can be embedded in a source program like CONNECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc.

    Basically, OpenESQL documents the basic embedded SQL statements used throughout the industry to make sure embedded SQL applications work.

    In addition, we document our extensions to embedded SQL statements.

    Since OpenESQL was designed to be “open”, when we do not recognize an embedded SQL statement ( a direct SQL statement, if you will), we pass it directly to the database for interpretation and execution.

    Each database vendor can have their own syntax for these direct SQL statements so we do not document these.
    You should look in your vendors documentation for details on what this syntax looks like and what features are supported for these direct SQL statements.

    The reason that we document the direct SQL statements in the documentation for XDB "SQL Option for DB2" is that XDB is a Micro Focus product and as such we control the actual implementation of the direct SQL statements. If the product changes it is because we changed it and thuus we are capable of documenting these changes.

    I hope that this helps...
  • If I understand:
    In Visual Cobol has no documentation to create tables and others because each command is to check the manufacturer's help database?

    And inside the EXEC SQL ....... END-EXEC?