Run Project or Program without Visual Cobol

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i create a simples project with nativa Cobol caracters in Visual Cobol.
Can i run this project without Visual Cobol?
  • You can run the .EXE that is produced outside of the Visual Studio or Eclipse IDE by clickinmg on it or running it from a Visual COBOL command prompt if you are running on the same computer where Visual COBOL is installed.

    If you wish to bring the .EXE that you developed to a computer which does not have Visual COBOL installed on it then you will need to install the COBOL Runtime product and install a valid license before you can run the application.

    The developed applications will only run on a computer that either has Visual COBOL installed or that has the COBOL Runtime product installed with a valid user license.

    Is this what you are asking?
  • Yes, this is what i ask.
    But when i run clicking in .exe display message: dont find cblrtsm.dll

    If i copy cblrtsm.dll to directory in .exe, dont find cblviom.dll,

    If i copy cblviom.dll to directory in .exe, and run: load error cblintm.dll...

    Many errors,
    what do i do to run without errors?
  • Verified Answer

    You can do one of two things:

    1. In your Project open up the Properties and then the COBOL Link tab.
    Under Runtime Model select Dynamic and rebuild.
    When you run your application it will look in the registry in order to find the location of the runtime files.

    2. You need to set your PATH environment variable to include the Visual COBOL or COBOL Runtime bin folder:

    Example: PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL 2010\bin;%PATH%

    You can do this at the system level using Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables or in a .bat file that starts your application using the SET command.
  • At the top level of your product install you should find a .bat file called CreateEnv.bat and a simular one exists in the runtime product too... this setups the environment space for you.