where can I find user guide for User Interfaces supported within Visual Cobol?


  • Can you please be more specific?

    The User Interfaces supported by Visual COBOL depend on the flavor of the product you are using.

    For native code, Visual COBOL supports character based UI's in the form of ACCEPT/DISPLAY, Screen Section or character mode Dialog System.

    Dialog System GUI is also supported for native code applications under Windows.

    For managed code under .NET, the UI's that Visual COBOL integrates with under Visual Studio include Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Web Forms (ASP.NET). You can also use HTML for web based applications.

    For managed code under JVM, you can create your UI using any Java based technology such as Swing and then call your COBOL JVM apps.

    The managed code UI technologies are not proprietary Micro Focus technologies. We simply provide integration between COBOL and those technologies.

    The actual UI technologies like Windows Forms or WPF are documented by Microsoft as part of the .NET Framework. There are hundreds of books and examples on the web devoted to programming with these technologies.

    Which platform are you looking to support and for what purpose, desktop application, web site, etc.?


  • H Chris,

    I have a large web based application development  a top level system which has approximately 15 subsystems in mind and I want to have high quality user interface as this application will have an enterprise wide (including senior execs) user base.

    kind regards

  • What is your target deployment platform for this application, Windows, Linux, Unix?

  • That is why we have chosen a third party program working well with Visual Cobol under Eclipse : PolyFX.

    The interface is designed with Adobe Flash builder and the Polyedre provides the glue between MF Cobol and Adobe Flex.

    Advantages :
    - nice interface running on almost any client (we use it mainly under windows)
    - program running on a server (we use Linux) : so no problem managing different executable versions
    - accessible from anywhere throughout the internet
    - quite easy to develop : most of the legacy code is reusable (if it was well written before, especially with screen section)

    I have no shares on this product!!