Problem executing a COBOL program with JVM as remote.

Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem executing a COBOL program as java on a remote unix machine. I think I am missing a piece of information to properly set/execute my Hello World program. I am using VisualCOBOL 2.1 with eclipse.

I have created 2 projects, one local and the other one remote (HP-UX). On the local project (New->Cobol  JVM project), I have been able to New->Cobol Program, add a display call in the procedure division and executing the program.

On the remote project (New->Cobol Remote Project) I have added New->Cobol Program and added my display call in the procedure division. Meanwhile, attempting to execute my program generated the following error:

An internal error occurred during: "Launching HWJVM".

When I look at the Run Configuration, I can see that my local project will execute as a "COBOL Application" while my remote one as a "Java Application".

There might be someting missing in my settings. Any idea?

Is there a way to execute the generated .class file directly? If I try I receive an error saying that a main could not be found.