Visual COBOL 6.0 is here!


Now Available: Visual COBOL 6.0 

Micro Focus is delighted to announce the latest release of its market leading solution for COBOL application modernization on distributed platforms -- Visual COBOL 6.0 

This update delivers NEW automated code refactoring tools designed specifically for Micro Focus COBOL applications. By using these tools, developers can reduce application complexity often associated with monolithic systems. In addition, key business rules can be exposed as REST APIs using the Micro Focus web services framework, which has now been extended to support containerized and orchestrated deployment either on premise or within public cloud infrastructure. Visual COBOL 6.0 also delivers even greater platform choice for Enterprise application deployment using Ubuntu and CentOS Linux distributions. 

Key release highlights include:

  • NEW COBOL refactoring tools enabling developers to visually extract, reuse and deploy business logic as REST APIs 
  • Expanded support for containerized deployment using orchestration engines such as Kubernetes  
  • A new technical guide: Visual COBOL 6.0: API Enablement and COBOL Code Refactoring

Existing customers can access this latest release of Visual COBOL from the Micro Focus SupportLine website. Additional information is available within the readme files and within the product datasheet. 

Planning your future application roadmap?  Request a Micro Focus Value Profile assessment and let us help you start your modernization journey towards IT transformation.  

  • Super, first tests are very good
    Are there a webinar to learn using refactoring Tools? also REST API's
    Are there more example for graphical Interface?
  • Guy Sofer wrote a Refactoring blog which you might like to read /cobol/b/amcblog/posts/amc-tech-tips-innovative-refactoring-in-cobol and would be worth asking about potential webinars/courses.

    Paula Willis wrote a piece about the IDEs /cobol/b/amcblog/posts/amc-tech-tips-what-s-new-in-the-visual-cobol-and-enterprise-developer-6-0-ide

    Both worth asking about your training needs