JVM COBOL calling java MQ classes

In Visual COBOL 2.1 for Eclipse, I'm trying to build a JVM application that I would want to deploy on z/Linux, so created a  COBOL JVM Class, coded the statement  $set ilusing"com.ibm.mq", add a JAR to the JVM Build Path in which package com.ibm.mq exists, then wrote the line of code  

set mqmanager to new MQQueueManager(qMgrName)  in a method within the class. I cannot get the compiler/builder to recognize MQQueueManager as a class that I can access. I get the error message "COBCH0845S Unknown class 'MQQueueManager' "

I added some ilusing statements for java.lang, and can quite happily access classes like Integer.

I'm very new to this environment including object COBOL, but I think I've set up everything I should to have my class invoke a java class.

So, what am I doing wrong.



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