Problems saving Adis configuration on AIX

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I am trying to save a new configuration, after altering the default RM settings, but I cannot see the file in the current dir.

After altering the options, I press ESC three times, F4 to save, F2 for new configuration, enter the name and ESC, but no file is created.
  • The ADISCTRL file is always called ADISCTRL, that never changes.

    Creating a new configuration will create a new section within the open ADISCTRL file and save the new configuration there.

    If you start adiscf again and press F3 to choose a configuration you should see your new configuration in the list.
    If you really just want to change some settings of the RM configuration you can do so and save the file without creating a new configuration.

    adiscf will open up the file named ADISCTRL in the current folder if there is one and if not it will open up the default ADISCTRL file which is in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL 2010\etc.

    When you save changes they are always saved in the current open version of ADISCTRL.
  • Thanks.

    Anyway, I am working on Unix now. The file is in /swmango/visualcobol/etc and also in /swmango/visualcobol/runtime/etc.

    As far as I see, the modifications are stored in the first one. But nothing seems to work. I mean that I am trying to modify the ACCEPT behaviour, in order to terminate after pressing the last available character depending on its size. I thought I could accomplish that modifying the following options:

    Auto-skip between fields (set to 2: Auto-skip enabled)
    Termination of an accept (set to 3: Keying, retyping or folding a data character in the last available character position of an accept will cause the accept to terminate)

    After changing these options I have overwitten the RM configuration. But, despite these are the default settings, the accept does not terminate until I press enter (if I try to insert more data, a right arrow appears in line 25).
  • I have seen this right now:

    "ADISCTRL is read only - No updates allowed "

    I suppose it is all the problem...

    Do you know the option to allow arrows (right, left, up and down arrows) to terminate the accept?
  • Make a copy of ADISCTRL and place it in your applications folder and make sure that it is writable.
    Make your changes to this version instead.

    The options that you mention here should do the trick.

  • I did it, but it does not work. Should I report the problem to maintenance?
  • I did it, but it does not work. Should I report the problem to maintenance?
  • I did it, but it does not work. Should I report the problem to maintenance?
  • Verified Answer

    Yes, please report any potential bug to your local Micro Focus Supportline office.
    This forum should not be used as a replacement for standard Support reporting procedures.

    This forum was really created to be a place where Micro Focus customers could exchange ideas and information between each other as well as with Micro Focus Engineers.