Eclipse Editor Issue...

I feel a bit uncomfortable asking so many questions, but I do appreciate the answers a lot. Especially so since I am growing very fond indeed of Visual Cobol. It seems to wrap the best of MF Cobol, AcuCOBOL, and even R/M Cobol all into one neat package. Color me impressed... 

I could even learn to like the Eclipse editor, except it insist on putting a strikethrough line on every data item I type in a COBOL program. Doesn't affect the program compiling, just drives me nuts trying to read my own code. There seems to be a lot of advantages to using Eclipse, so I am trying to stick in there and stay away from ISPF or XEDIT... but - it ain't easy. ;) 

I see this both on Linux and Windows, so it is probably just something stupid I am doing. 


FD CN00.


      05 CN00-ID                 PIC X(18).

      05 CN00-NAME         PIC X(33).


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    Hello Paul:

    This strike-through behavior is a feature of the COBOL editor; it indicates that the data item is "unused".  Later if you were to add a statement to the procedure division that involved CN00-RECORD, such as:


    Then the strike-through would disappear from CN00-RECORD in the data division, because then it would be "used".

    You can configure this behavior.  Window -> Preferences -> Micro Focus -> COBOL Editor -> COBOL Syntax Coloring.   The Default for "Unused Items" is "Strike", and you can change it or turn if off.

  • What a great answer. May I use this same thread to ask another question?

    If you have two or more programs in a project (I do not think that uncommon) and they both compile and link to main objects, how the heck do you specify which ones are to be ran? Eclipse seems to want to always run the same executable, no matter what I do to it.


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    If you have your project properties set to target type All Executable Files so that a separate .exe is generated for each program in your project then you can change the program to run by choosing Run-->Debug Configurations, selecting your project name and then clicking the Browse button next to the Main Program option.

    If you have a single executable being built containing the objects from all programs then you can change the startup object in the entry point field on the same dialog.




  • So darn simple when someone else points it out. Eclipse is powerful, and a great editing system, but it takes getting used to...