ACUCOBOL windowing in Visual COBOL?

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 19 August 2011]

I'm looking into migrating a system to Visual COBOL (at which I am a complete newbie) from Server Express 5.1. I threw the 268 programs that I have into the evaluation copy of VC for Eclipse and 265 of them compiled. The remaining three are quite important, as they are routines to handle pop-up windows, which we use a fair bit. They use the ACUCOBOL windowing syntax, which is implemented on Server Express by using the "window1" preprocessor directive. However, VC isn't happy with this. My understanding is that VC was partly introduced as a way of bringing ACUCOBOL, RM/COBOL and MF COBOL together, so I imagine that there is a way of using this syntax. I've tried omitting the preprocess directive completely, but that throws up compilation errors. Could anyone tell me what I need to do?