Calling Managed COBOL from C#


I also need to call COBOL programs from C# on MicroFocus environment.

I have checked the C# Winbook example and my solution based on it worked perfectly.

But I have a lot of already existing COBOL code, which is in form of "Managed Mainframe Subsytem Application" instead of "Class Library" Project with preference to compile into Multiple Assemblies, and I have encountered multiple problems with calling this COBOL code from C# in a way presented in example mentioned before.

1. Referencing a project is not helpful, because each COBOL file in project creates its own assembly.
I solved it with referencing directly DLLs created from COBOL sources.

2. ilsmartlinkage appears to not work in this type of COBOL project (despite enabling this option in project preferences). Thus, classes representing parameters defined in linkage sections are either not generated at all or not available in my C# project.
Any help in solving this issue would be appreciated.

Best Regards