Is it possible to NOT REFERENCE called programs from your main program.

Our existing NET EXPRESS system has a MAIN program in in called REPORTS.CBL.

Within the program there are calls made to upward of 100 potential bespoke report 'sub-programs'.

In Visual COBOL I've found that these 'sub-programs' must be mentioned in the REFERENCES of the main program otherwise the sub program will fail to load when called.

The problem is is that it takes an increasing amount of time to complie the VC COBOL version of the MAIN program as all the sub-program references are added.

Thirty references takes 3 minutes. Sixty takes 6 minutes and 100 references takes almost 10 minutes just to compile the program then another several minutes while it 'thinks' about doing a debug (if requested to do so!!)

Is there a way of calling out to other programs (.dll built) WITHOUT referencing them within the MAIN program as this would be a big help if there is!


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