Creating DLL's using NetExpress 4.0 and then using it in Visual Basic 6.0 to make a reference to it in the project file

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Can I create a DLL with NetExpress 4.0 that can be registered, that can be added as a reference in a Visual Basic 6.0 project file? And if so, how can I do this?
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    Yes, you can create a COBOL program as a COM Server using Net Express 4.0 in a couple of different ways.

    Look in the NX 4.0 documentation under Contents-->Programming-->Distributed Computing-->Part 4 COM, COBOL and .NET for information on manually creating a COM Server using the OO Class wizards etc.

    There are also quite a few demos for working with COM, look at the projects in the folder C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Net Express\Base\demo\COMDEMOS\Server.

    The second method of doing this is to create a COM wrapper around a COBOL program using the Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK). Look in the docs under Start Here-->Getting Started-->Part 3: Interface Mapping Tutorial and look at the section for creating a COM server from a COBOL application.

    Either method will allow you to create a COM server that can be registered and then instantiated and invoked from a program in VB or any other language that can create a COM client includinbg COBOL.