Trial activation failure

I have been trying to install Visual COBOL for eclipse for Windows (Personal edition) and am not able to activate the product. I am using the same email I used for registration and I am still getting the Activation Failed when using automatic activation. Manual activation leads to an email with Authorization Process Error.

Following the response in similar posts I have emailed at with all the details. I got a call from them telling me they cannot do anything without a service contract and redirected me here.

Can anyone help with this seemingly prevalent issue?

  • Verified Answer

    Thank you for your email Job, however if the information you sent to Supportline are correct your trial is not the Personal Edition, and I also see that the Visual COBOL was activated today.
    In regards the Personal Edition you do register with the email and through the email you get the authorization code, but this does not apply to the Visual COBOL for Eclipse that you have download. With this product you only get 30 days trial.

    I hope this helps.