COBCH0857: System Error failure during ILASM phase

Error 1 COBCH0857 : System error - failure during ILASM

method-id ReturnNBTransDTO private.

       01  oNBTransPolicyRTSKeyDA type NBTransPolicyRTSKeyDA.

procedure division returning oNBTransDTO as type NBTransDTO.

    set oNBTransPolicyRTSKeyDA to self::ReturnNBTransPrimaryKeyDA()

      set oNBTransDTO to oNBTransPolicyRTSKeyDA::GetData()

end method.

 I keep getting this error intermittently when I compile the above code .  When the error does appear it appears in white space prior to the following code.....set oNBTransDTO to oNBTransPolicyRTSKeyDA::GetData()

The project where this code is included has an Interface class and as soon as I exclude the interface from the project and comment out the code that uses this interface the solution compiles successfully. 




  • Can you please open up a support incident with customer care for this issue as we will need a demo in order to reproduce the problem.

    Please reference my name in the description so that it will be assigned to me.


  • Verified Answer

    This problem was occurring because there was a constructor "New" specified within the interface definition which is not allowed.

    The compiler was not generating an appropriate error for this and let it through which resulted in the ILASM that you were experiencing.

    The compiler has been updated to correctly issue an appropriate error.

    You can workaround the issue by removing the "New" method from your interface in IPolicy.cbl.