VS Cobol PE

When downloading the VS Cobol PE; I receive a message that indicates I need to download Visual Studio 2012 Content Help Manager?

  • Hi,

    When exactly do you receive this message, during the download or during the product installation?

    When you click the download link are you selecting Save or Run?

    Do you have Visual Studio 2012 already installed or are you installing the shell version that comes with Visual COBOL?


  • Hey Chris,

    I already have VS 2012 or later version(s), I usually receive this after I've hit Run. It runs through the first phase of the install, Agree to terms, then select Install, Select Yes, then during the Setup Process when the message occurs.

    Thank you,


  • What Visual Studio 2012 edition do you have installed, i.e., Professional, Premium, Developer, etc?

    The Content Help Manager should have been installed when you installed Visual Studio 2012.

    If the VC installer does not see that it is installed that could be why you are seeing this message.

    Can you currently use Help in Visual Studio 2012 before installing Visual COBOL?

  • So, I actually have VS 2013 Premium. Would it still not work? I'll see if I can download VS 2012 from DreamSpark.

  • We have different product installers for each specific version of Visual Studio.

    If you are downloading the installer for Visual Studio 2012 then you need to install it into Visual Studio 2012 as it will not install into any other version of Visual Studio.

    If you do not have Visual Studio 2012 installed then the Visual COBOL installation will install the Visual Studio 2010 shell version and install itself into that.

    Our current product release of Visual COBOL 2.2 supports Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 fully and we have a technical preview (beta) available for Visual Studio 2013 although this is not available in a Personal Edition version.

    Our next product release which is Visual COBOL 2.2 update 1 will fully support Visual Studio 2013.

    This will be available in June for a full licensed copy, although I am not sure exactly when the PE version will be available.