Use Procob in Visual Cobol 3.0 with managed code (Java / JDBC)


I have a program with SQL which is compiled to Java bytecode. When I add the additional directives "p(cobsql) csqlt==oracle endp" in Project Properties > Micro Focus > Build Configuration, I get the error:

    * CSQL-F-048: Cobsql is not supported for use with managed code.

Instead of p(cobsql)... I added the directive SQL(PROCOB). Then I get the error:

    COBES0121S SQL(PROCOB) is only valid with SQL(DBMAN=ADO)

After adding this directive, the following error occurs:

  COBCH1572S ILREF directive has invalid type name 'MicroFocus.COBOL.SqlCLR.RunTime.dll'

which is not documentated.

According to the documentation this only works with .NET (

Is it even possible to compile programs with Oracle SQL in Java byte code?


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