Adiscf in AIX 7.x

Dear Sir,

We use adiscf.exe in Visual Cobol for Visual Studio and Visual Cobol for Eclipse without problema. When we go to production environment (AIX 7.1) we try to replicate the same with adiscf for Unix and we noted that adiscf is diferent in AIX, por example en Windows PF2, PF8,PF3  in AIX we have PF2, PF8 but we didn´t find the PF3 option.....





  • Hi Pedro,

    What exact product and version are you using on AIX 7.1? Has the PF3 option worked in prior product versions?

  • Dear Blair ,

    The versión is AIX 7.1 and we are trying to do this :


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    Chris Glazier    

    Posted by Chris Glazier  

    on  27 Oct 2011 15:18

    I found that I can get the desired behavior by changing two options in the ADISCTRL file.

    Open up a Visual COBOL command prompt from Start Menu-->All Programs-->Micro Focus Visual COBOL-->Visual COBOL Tools-->Visual COBOL Command Prompt 32-bit

    Change directories to the bin\x86\debug folder containing ADISCTRL file.

    Start adiscf

    Press F3 to load configuration, enter 3 and press Enter.

    Press F2 to Alter

    Press F3 for Accept/Display options

    Press F3 for individual options

    Use down arrow to highlight option and press enter to modify the following:

    5. Predisplay of fields before ACCEPT = 2

    29. Control of Read screen option = 2

    When done press ESC key 3 times

    Press F4 to Save

    Press F3 to overwrite existing configuration

    Enter 3 and press Enter

    Press ESC to exit

    Try again...

  • Hi Pedro,

    Are you saying that while you are trying to use the adiscf utility, some of the function keys are not working properly in that utility? If so, please try this as a workaround:

    For each function key that you need to press, instead press the forward slash "/" key, followed by the number key. So, for example, if you need to press F3, instead press and release  "/", and then press and release "3". Does this help?