Cobol JVM remote project from Visual Cobol Eclipse

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 15 November 2011]


I want to create a Cobol JVM remote project from Visual Cobol Eclipse.. Is it not possible?
Visual Cobol Eclipse only have the option to create a Cobol Native remote project...

I've tried one way to do this...
-I create the Cobol JVM Project
-I copied it to antoher folder
-I removed it from my workspace
-I imported it to my workspace with the option "Convert Local COBOL Projects to Remote Projects"

But when the "Development Hub" build the project, it returns error:
[cobol] Compiling Arrays.cbl...
[cobol] Error[18]: No license code is available for feature SolarManagedCheckerPE on host
[cobol] *1507-U
[cobol] Illegal command line
[cobol] cob32: error(s) in compilation: /MNG/DESA/FUENTES/EQBASE/visual_cobol/Arrays/src/Arrays.cbl
[cobol] Compilation complete with 0 errors, 0 warnings, 0 notices and an exit code of 16

Is there any solution??

Thank you
  • Hi mikmng,

    In R4, you can create local JVM projects on Windows, RedHat and SuSE - you cannot create these remotely using the distributed development option just yet.

    This is functionality we're aiming to provide in the next major release, due in the Spring time of 2012.

    What are your plans for COBOL in JVM?

    Regards, Scot
  • Hi Scot,

    The idea is that the COBOL programs can use Java tools for different purposes; one of them would be to use these tools to create graphical interfaces...

    you say that I cannot create Cobol JVM projects remotely using the distributed development option just yet, but... would it be possible to create the JVM project locally, in a Visual Cobol Eclipse for Windows, then manually copy the project on the remote server (AIX with Hub Development), and finally compile and run the program from this remote server??

  • Verified Answer

    I received the following information from the COBOL JDK Development Team:

    Yes, you should be able to copy the project to the remote computer and build and execute the application there.
    You just won't be able to do this from within the IDE, so debugging is not possible.

    To compile an ant script from the command line:
    ant -f .cobolBuild build

    The default target will build everything, but I've specified 'build' here on the command line.

    Remember that the .cobolBuild is the ant script, the .cobolProj is a XML representation of the project before it is serialised to the ant format.

    Also, remember that you'll need to have ant on the path, ANT_HOME set and your CLASS_PATH set up, including the mfant.jar which can be found in the VisualCOBOL bin directory.

    Obviously, there will also be some setting up of the Java environment too so it picks up all the classpath variables - will need to ensure that mfcobol.jar, mfcobolpure.jar etc are all present. Will also have to be very sure that the same libraries (if used) are available on both Windows and AIX. It will be a different JDK (Oracle vs IBM) so it's possible other differences will also show up in the same versions.