Why Micro Focus don´t   answer  questions about NET EXPRESS / SERVER EXPRESS ...????

  • Hello,

    I just went through all of the questions that were posted to the NET EXPRESS / SERVER EXPRESS forum, and I'm not seeing any posts that were left unanswered.

    Can you tell me which questions you are referring to?

    Please bear in mind that this is a forum that is open to all COBOL users to share and discuss. If you can't get the answer or help here, I suggest you call your local Micro Focus Customer Support.


  • Dear Fano,

    Your answer "I suggest you call your local Micro Focus Customer Support" Is like a joke to Me.

    This Fórum is for interchange experiences betwwn customers and to get rapid answers.

    I have more tan 30 years working with Micro Focus in South America and my questions are for puntual things.

    You know that the staff in Chile come from NOVELL and don´t have experience in NET EXPRESS andd SERVER EXPRESS.
  • Pedro,

    We respond to questions on all forums when we can. Net Express/Server Express questions should be posted to the Net Express/Server Express forum. As Fano indicates, we see no unanswered questions from you on this forum. Can you please provide us with a link to the questions to which you are referring?

    If you have a maintenance contract with Micro Focus then you can create Support Incidents on-line and they will be assigned to an appropriate COBOL engineer. They will never be assigned to an engineer that supports a different product, like Novell. South American customers will be handled either by or Customer Support staff in the UK or in the USA. These Support Incidents always take priority over questions posted to the Community forums.

    If you do not have a maintenance contract with Micro Focus then this forum is the best place to get your questions answered from your peers or from Micro Focus personnel but there is never a guarantee that your questions will be answered immediately but we try.

    Can you please direct us to the questions that you need answered?