Can Cobol Server and Server Express coexist on AIX

As I am transitioning to Visual Cobol can I install Cobol Server on AIX without removing the current Server Express install?

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    Hi ccooper29,

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    Yes, COBOL Server (which is the runtime-only companion product to Visual COBOL) can be installed alongside an installation of Server Express. COBOL Server and Server Express install into different default directories. You'll need to ensure that you have set your environment to point to the desired product, but the products can coexist with no issues.


  • Thank you Blair. Is this also true for the Windows server version?. Thanks. H

  • Assuming that you mean, can COBOL Server for Windows be installed on the same computer as Net Express the answer would be yes but again you have to make sure that you setup your environment correctly so that your application finds the correct run-time files.

    You cannot, however install the COBOL Server product on the same Windows computer on which the Visual COBOL development product already exists as the two are mutually exclusive under Windows.