Visual Cobol importing Net Express projects into Visual Cobol

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Dear Sir,

In the documentation for Visual Cobol Visual Studio there is an article about importing Net Express projects into Visual Studio(visual cobol).
I am using the Visual Cobol R4(september 2011) in Visual Studio shell with a evalution key received from Bart Abeel.
In the article you mentioned the net express project import wizard to convert net express projects into visual studio solutions, but I do not find such a wizard for importing such projects into Visual Cobol R4?
The net express software is installed on another machine.
What kind of solutions those it makes if you are using Net Express wizard(if there is one) to generate html-code?
  • The Net Express Project Import Wizard is only available starting in Visual COBOL R4 Update 2 for Visual Studio which was released this week.

    If you have an evaluation copy on maintenance then you should be able to download this update from the
    Micro Focus Product Updates web site at:
    Micro Focus Product Updates

    The Project Wizard will convert Net Express projects into Visual Studio Solutions even if they contain features that are not currently supported.

    This includes the HTML CGI project support from Net Express which is not currently supported because there is no Solo support in Visual COBOL.
  • Just to clarify Chris's comments as they may be misinterpreted;

    Visual COBOL R4 Update 2 does support the creation of CGI programs and CGI support is documented. However, there is no mechanism available in the Visual Studio IDE in R4 to start the URL and automatically attach a debugger to the CGI program, but the way of debugging the CGI is also documented. But that limitation is not related to the omission of Solo from Visual COBOL.
  • Dear Sir ,

    The importation of the Netexpress project is succeeded.
    It makes a exe as is indicated in the documentation.
    Now I am trying to run it on Microsoft WebMatrix which has IIS 7 express(that is
    running on Windows Xp , because we are still are using xp) as a webapplication.
    In visual studio it is possible to choose iis 7 express.
    I made a special folder on the server voor cgi-bin.
    I have also trying to modify the applicationHost.config file for cgi ( it is
    just like IIS 7 ) , but still it runs the exe in a command line window.
    I did already many different tests with different settings.
    I also looked at your cloud example which has a applacationHost.config file
    for cgi in IIS7

    Can anyone tell me how to configure the applicationHost.config because we are
    moving from Apache to IIs7 on windows 2008 and want to keep our projects in CGI
    I can provide you the applicationHost.config of IIS express with my modifications.
    I have only 3 days left to test the application.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi wcarp,

    I have successfully taken the CGI sample CGIPrg1 from Net Express, built it under Visual COBOL and run it on IIS 7.5 on Windows 7 by doing the following :

    Open the IIS Manager and navigate to the server level.
    In the Features view, double-click ISAPI and CGI Restrictions.
    Add the path to the CGI executable ie the bin folder of the demo.
    Provide a description and ensure that the option to allow execution is checked.

    Navigate to Sites and then Default Web Site.
    Create a virtual directory called cgi-bin. Set the Physical path to the bin folder of the demo.
    In the Features view select Handler Mappings.
    Ensure that the Feature Permissions for the CGI-Exe handler have the Execute option checked.

    Return to the Default Web site.
    Create a virtual directory for your demo. Set it to the folder for the demo.
    The name you specify will be the one you use in the Web browser.

    If you open a Web browser you should now be able to enter


    And that was all that was necessary. Although IIS 7 Express on Windows XP will be different I would not expect the differences to be all that significant. Note that I did not change any config files so if the above process does not work I think you will need to follow this up with the Customer Care team as a forum may not be the best place to help you progress this in the time you have available.