Visual COBOL features

Hi All,

We are considering to buy the license and use Visual COBOL for our solution.

However, first we need to be sure that it fits our requirements.

If anyone can provide a code example (or link with this solution described) for the following that would be greatly appreciated:

1. Ability to allocate huge limits of RAM - we need a working example of creating 7 GB array and reading/writing data from its veryt last item.

2. Working example of calling a DLL written in Visual COBOL from the code written on C# - the matter is that we will be integrating the COBOL program into existing project, so we need to be sure we can do this.

3. A proof that Visual COBOL is easily integrated with could solutions (like Amazon EC2, MS Azure, etc.). Maybe examples of some existing solutions written in COBOL that are running in the clouds?

We would love to use Visual COBOL for our development. If we are sure that it fits the above requirements - we would buy the license right away.