The program is not located

Hello ! First of all, you have to know that I'm a Belgium student, so I speak french, and I hope my english will be good enough to make me understood.

So, thanks to my college, I got a licence of visual cobol for Eclipse available until the next year. I've installed it on my computer at home, and thanks god, no problem with it.
Then, I've installed visual cobol for eclipse on my laptop too (this is a MacBook, so I use Parallels Desktop in order to run Windows), and the installation was ok, but I can't use visual cobol. 
Why ? When I create a new project, with a new cobol program, I immediately have an error and so I can't launch my program. 

Even if this is a new, empty program, when I try to run, I've this message : "The COBOL Program launched could not be located". And a red cross in the line "end program Program1", with the message "COBCH1504S I-O error : 9/181 \\Mac\Home\Desktop\Workspace\Cobbol\test\New_Configuration.bin\"

I checked this folder, and the file "", with also a file named "Program1.obj.1.tlog".
Finally, I also noticed that I don't have the ".metadata" folder when I create a new project on my mac.

Could you please help me ? It's really boring because most of the time I'm not a home, so I really need to use Visual Cobol on my laptop. Is that because of the fact that I've installed it Twice with the same e-mail ? Because my laptop is a mac ? Thank you for your help :)