Searching for fix2kset.exe to install old MF Cobol 4.0

Hi, I'm new here and have a question for the older COBOL developers among us :)

I have an old version of Micro Focus COBOL, it's version 4.0 for Windows 95/NT, including the License Key dongle which you have to put on the parallel port of your computer.

Recently, my old computer died, and I'm trying to install this COBOL compiler on another system with Windows XP. When running SETUP, it results in an error:
Execution Error, file "LOG", error code 114, pc=0, call=21, seq=0 (signal=11)

While searching on the internet for a clue, I read that I Micro Focus / Merant made a patch to make an installation possible after Y2K. It should also work on Windows XP. The patch file is called fix2kset.exe, and in the past it could be downloaded from the MF/Merant ftp site, but not anymore. It's nowhere to find.

Can anyone help me finding this particular patch file? Any help is much appreciated!

Kind Regards,