Installing documentation in Visual Studio 2012

Is there away to install the Visual Cobol documention into the Visual Studio 2012 IDE? I have downloaded 2 files from the MicroFocus website, one has a .jar extention and the other a .chm extension but I can't figure how to install either one into the IDE. The webbased training shows it installed in Visual Studio 2010 but 2012 is different.



  • The documentation is installed in the IDE automatically, regardless of the Visual Studio version.

    It should be accessible through the IDE Help-->View Help then select Micro Focus...

    If you do not see it then your Help system might be set to View on-line help instead of local help.

    You can change this under Help-->Set Help Preference and choose Launch in Help Viewer.


  • Verified Answer

    The two files that you have are not Visual Studio help files so cannot be installed into Visual Studio. As Chris says, after installing Visual COBOL, the documentation for it is available from the Visual Studio Help menu, although you might have to change a configuration option to view it.

    If you want to use the two files that you have downloaded, the .jar file is an Infocenter-format version of the documentation, and instructions for using it are available from The .chm file is an HTML Help version of the documentation, and instructions for using that are available from


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    I kind of figured they wern't and I can view the help on-line. I did what Chris suggested but I still can't get the help in the IDE. All I get is the Microsoft Visual Studio help.

  • If you have now configured Visual Studio to use the help on your computer rather than help on the web, following these steps should make the Visual COBOL documentation available from Visual Studio:

    1. Click Help > View Help.
      Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 is displayed.
    2. Click the Manage Content tab above the right pane.
    3. In the Installation source group, make sure that Disk is selected, then click the "..." button.
    4. Navigate to the help folder for Visual COBOL. By default this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012\help.
    5. Select helpcontentsetup.msha and click Open.
    6. Click the Add option that is displayed on the same line as "Visual COBOL 2.2".
    7. Add should change to Cancel, and the Status column should now show Add (pending).
    8. Click the Update button.
    9. If a UAC dialog box asks if you want the help program to be able to make changes to your computer, click Yes.
    10. Click Yes on the dialog box asking if you trust the source of the certificate.
      The Visual COBOL documentation should install. When it is installed, click its entry in the Table of Contents to view it.