migration from NetExpress to Visual COBOL - COBCH0865S Failed to find system program 'FHREDIR'


I'm migrating from Net Express to Visual Cobol for Eclipse, for now I'm only testing things to understand how this Visual COBOL for Eclipse works.

I created a JVM COBOL Project and I copy and paste one of our Net Express COBOL programs, when I set the compiler directive CALLFH(FHREDIR) but I get the error message "COBCH0865S Failed to find system program 'FHREDIR'", after a few searches on this forum, I found that File Handler is not supported yet for Manage Cobol programs, only for Native, and I need to ask to you, to Former Member and to Former Member, if this is still not supported.

I have a lot of questions, this is one of many.

Thanks in advance,

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    The external file handler is supported in JVM but the CALLFH"FHREDIR" directive tells it to use Fileshare instead of the local file handler. Fileshare does not appear to be supported yet in a JVM project.

    If this is something that you actually require then I would recommend that you open up a support incident with customer care for this.

    If you are simply evaluating the product then I would recommend that you remove this directive from your project settings and then the default local file handler will be used.


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    So Fileshare can be used in a JVM project but you must use a different method other than the CALLFH"FHREDIR" directive.

    If you would like I-O to be redirected to a Fileshare server than you can:

    1. embed the Fileshare server name directly in the file name preceded by $$:

       select test-file assign to "$$server1\testfile.dat"

    2. Set the FHREDIR=ON option in the extfh.cfg file.



    I tested this here with a JVM project using Visual COBOL Eclipse 2.3 and it worked fine.