upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3

Hi Chris,

thanks for your previous replies re windows 10 and pc_print_file. We now have up to 100 users with the run-times installed on lots of machines so wondering how simple upgrading is? Do we just run a new run-time install exe for 2.3 on each machine on top of existing 2.2? Are their implications re. other things, licensing for example?



  • Verified Answer

    Hi Linden,

    Before installing the new COBOL Server 2.3 product on your end-users system you will have to uninstall the existing 2.2 product.

    You can do this manually or through a silent script using the original installer package with the command:

    cs_2012_222.exe /uninstall /quiet

    using the actual name of the COBOL Server package that you used.

    You can then install the cs_23.exe version.

    Note: in 2.3 there is no longer a separate version of COBOL Server for each version of Visual Studio. There is only one COBOL Server installer for Windows.

    You do not have to do anything with licensing as that stays exactly the same and you can use your currently installed licenses.