Defining a #Region in Visual Cobol

in Visual Basic to improve readability of code you can define regions like

#Region "Tab1_Instructions"

method-id read...

method-id write...


#End Region

which are collapsible.

Is there an equivalent in Visual Cobol? Just collapsing methods is no real alternative.


  • Verified Answer

    Sadly we don't support this feature at the moment - one of those things that keeps on getting mentioned but never actually implemented.  Definitely should be on the list for a future release though.  Probably in COBOL terms the syntax would be:

         $region "Tab1_Instruction"

  • Verified Answer

    Perhaps worth mentioning that we do have automatic outlining in Visual Studio. New sections or methods will have a collapsible outline created as you type your code.

    You might be interested in the *>> support - type this at the top of a method with the * starting in col 7 to generate intellisense documentation.

    As Robert mentions, region support is something we've looked into before. Community postings like this one will help us prioritise these features for a future release.

    Regards, Scot