Cobol Server 3


Can someone please advise from where I can download the 'Cobol Server' for Visual Cobol 3 for Visual Studio?

I understand that it need to be deployed as part of the application,

Thanks in advance,

  • COBOL Server is the deployment product that you would need to purchase from Micro Focus in order to run your application in production. If you do not yet have a licensed serial number for this product then you will have to talk to your Account Manager about acquiring this. If you have a licensed serial number for COBOL Server and it is under maintenance then you can download the product from the Supportline website. After logging in, navigate to Product Updates and choose COBOL Server from the list or enter in your serial number. This should take you to the download location.

    If this is unclear to you then you might want to open up a support incident for this and one of our engineers will walk you thru the steps.

  • Hi Chris,

    according to the documentation:

    "COBOL Server is your COBOL run-time server. It is supplied as part of Visual COBOL, which is your COBOL development system. COBOL Server is also supplied separately, and provides the execution environment for applications created with any IDE variant of Visual COBOL."

    It is also mentioned in the documentation that it is needed to "Ship COBOL Server with your application."

    see below for reference:

    The question is, I don't see the installation of Cobol server (should be cs_30.exe) as part of Visual Cobol, where can I find it?


  • Verified Answer

    The documentation to look at can be found here:

    What the docs that you reference are referring to is that the necessary run-time files that make up the COBOL Server product are shipped as part of Visual COBOL. These run-time files are located in the Visual COBOL\bin folders and they allow you to test your application on your development computer, either inside or outside of the IDE. If you wish to run your application on a computer on which there is no Visual COBOL product installed then you will need to purchase the COBOL Server product for deployment. This product installer is separate from Visual COBOL and is the one that you reference, cs_30.exe. This is not supplied with the Visual COBOL development product.