New to visual cobol


I'm new in the visual cobol story.

Today we are working in Multi-edit to develop our cobol code server side. Compilations are directed from within Multi-edit also server side (Server Express).

Now I'm looking to migrate to Visual Cobol using eclipse to edit but keeping the setup similar, meaning server side editing and compiling.
So I've installed the windows version of VC Eclipse.

How do I proceed to use Eclipse as an editor but keeping the code  compilations on the server side? 

The visual cobol has also been installed on our server.
Server is HP-linux.

Thnx for any tip.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Hugo,

    You state that you have Visual COBOL installed on your Linux server.

    I assume that you are referring to the Visual COBOL Development Hub product?

    If you have Visual COBOL Dev Hub installed on your server and Visual COBOL Eclipse installed on your Windows system then you have everything you need to do remote development where your source code resides on the server and will be compiled and run there but your actual development work such as editing and debugging are done from the Windows system using the Eclipse IDE.

    Please see the documentation for Visual COBOL Eclipse on Developing Applications on Remote Machines.