procob problem

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 16 May 2012]

We were using Procob18 and now moved to Procob Oracle 11 compiler. For both Server Express and Visual Cobol for Eclipse on Linux the precompiler is adding an empty line with a just a dot in it. It doesn't always happen and we don't know exaclty when. We suspect it happens when an IF clause is ended by a dot and not by an END-IF.
Has anybody encountered this problem? any idea for a solution?
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    Hi Lidia,

    Are you invoking Pro*COBOL directly, or using the Cobsql preprocessor? If you're using Pro*COBOL directly, you'll need to speak directly with Oracle, as it's only their technology being used.

    If however you're using Cobsql, and the net result is the your program logic is incorrect, then please raise an incident with your local Micro Focus Customer Support office, and we can take a further look.

    Kind regards,