Cannot Proceed installation of Mocrofocus patches setup_entdev_3.0_patchupdate04_168607_redhat_x86_64

         We are getting below error.

   Please Wait.
   Extracting Payload...

        ./setup_entdev_3.0_patchupdate04_168607_redhat_x86_64: - ERROR - File size does not match that expected.
   Perhaps this file is truncated or corrupt.
   When transfering via FTP ensure binary mode is used.
   Please get a new copy and try again.


Can you please help on above issues.

  • How did you obtain the patch file? If you got it by FTP, did you use binary mode, as the message says?

    The first thing to try is downloading it again.
  • My colleague Yvon Abgrall has kindly pointed me to a known issue with 3.0 Patch Updates and 64-bit filesystems on Linux. If the patch update file has an inode number that doesn't fit in a 32-bit integer, or the extracted image has such an inode number, then installation will fail.

    The workaround is to install from a 32-bit filesystem. You can also try copying the file around in the hope of getting a suitable inode number.

    The problem is that the XFS filesystem code was recently changed and no longer allocates low (32-bit-compatible) inode numbers first. That has broken many applications that have not been rewritten to support 64-bit inode numbers.