XA Resource Manager initialization error. Resource open failed, reason -00003

Hi Team,


XA Resource is keep on disabling and we noticed below errors in the logs. Kindly help me on this .

WE are suspecting we need to change XA resource parameter.


XA Resource Manager initialization error. Resource BDP1 open failed, reason -00003


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  • What Product/version and OS platform are being used? Which switch (DB2, Oracle, Sql Server, ODBC, PostgreSQL) and RDBMS?

    There can be a lot of reasons that lead to XAER_RMERR (-3) during XA_OPEN.
    The simplest one is to ensure DB name and login credentials are correct.
    If your product version is 3.0, then you may add ESLOGGING=0001 to the XA open string, which may provide more information regarding the connection failure to the ES console.
    You can also enable the tracing feature in the RDBMS to get more information.