Setup Local Help Files

Hello,,,Am using Personal COBOL 2015.

I want to install the HELP files on my machine, so do not have to go online for help.

I think I have set up the files needed (eg, installed Java, downloaded Eclipse Classic  3.6.0. , etc). Refered to

Am at the stage where it says 

Display the Infocenter by pointing your browser to localhost:8081/.../index.jsp.

I have created a batch file to 1) add Java bin directory to the path, and it executes the startup command as per the instructions.(this is all done in a DOS window),  2) I then open my browser and enter the localhost info in and hit ENTER

If I open a browser window and input the localhost info, says "local host refused to connect".

What does "point your browser" mean here?

Thank you...Thomas