Visual COBOL PE won't activate

Could you help me? I'm a student taking COBOL and I downloaded the Microfocus Visual COBOL PE and installed it in Visual Studio 15 Professional. When I create a COBOL project I get a product activation menu that asks if I want to activate automatically or manually. I tried activating automatically and got a "MG0006: Unable to authorize the request." error. So I tried activating manually and sent an email containing some kind of encrypted string to the license request email address at Microfocus. A Few minutes later I got back an email saying, "Authorization Process Error. The following error occurred during the authorization process: MG0006: Unable to authorize the request. I tried rebooting, reinstalling both Visual Studio and Visual COBOL, and searched the knowledgebase for a solution. This is my dad's computer (he owns Visual Studio 2015) and I don't know what to do. Here's the encrypted string I sent in the email. 

Lucius Michael Dark