Visual Cobol Project Starts in Subprogram when debugged

Visual Cobol Project Starts in Subprogram when debugged, not Main Program; Executes the subprogram in the project, then never executes the main program.  There are only two programs in the project.  Main program worked fine.  Then added Subprogram. I build the project after both .cbl program files are saved.  I have to delete the subprogram to get the main to work.  When I add the subprogram again, same problem.  I have gotten a Main Program - Sub Program to work in another project- passes data back & forth, executes, etc...  However, I cannot seem to get it to work in this project.  Tried to create a new project with a New Main & Subprogram, same problem.

  • Verified Answer

    It is possible that you do not have an entry point for your project set.
    In the solution explorer, right click the project containing your two programs and select Properties. The application tab on the properties page will have a field for Entry point. Type the name of the program you want the application to call first.