Compiling Visual Cobol 2.2 with Oracle

We are having problem to compiling Visual Cobol 2.2 with SQL embedded (Oracle).

We are not using neither Eclipse nor .NET environment development.

We are compiling using a script, setting de compiler directives into the program using $SET USE statement. According with the documentation we separate de directives into two files.

Within the program the SET statements appear so:

      $SET USE"/MNG/DESA/VCFG/VCDirectivesP1.dir"

: first file includes:

p(cobsql)  csqlt=oracle8 nomakesyn  end-c comp5=no sqlcheck=full mode=oracle dbms=V8 varchar=yes unsafe_null=yes close_on_commit=no end_of_fetch=1043 dynamic=oracle type_code=ansi USERID=CBL_OWNER/cobol2014@LBDCOB01 endp

second file with the rest of the compiler directives.

When we try to compile, we receive the next message:

*  53-S********************************                 (   0)**
** DIrective P invalid or not allowed here
cob64:  error(s) in compilation  etc.

we try to put together in one directives file but we receive the same error.

What are we doing wrong?

Do I need to configure anything else?

I appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.