Single program compile (Managed COBOL / Enterprise Developer/Eclipse)

Hope it is OK to ask an Enterprise Developer question in this forum.    Running ED v2.3.2.   Managed COBOL.   Refactoring an existing copybook that is used by 200 programs and would like to change the copybook, compile a single program and test the change before initiating a full build.

I've been unable to find any option that allows me to compile a single program.    The project is set for 'Use dynamic calls' in the Build Configuration preference and each program is built independently when the build is requested.     In order to initiate a build I've been using the Project -> Build Project option.   This will usually only compile the program I've changed if it was the source module that was changed.   For copybooks I don't completely understand how it is determining what needs to be built.

Is there any way to work within a shared copybook, but only compile a single module for development/unit testing before implementing across the application?

Note - we are initiating the COBOL application programs from a Java project using RunUnit.Call().