error 114 - access object beyond bounds of memory

Runtime error in VC (latest version of personal edition) ? App runs without error on other compiler.

 Looked at a similar  error posted in the community but in this case:

-          Standard cobol commands are used

-          Programm doesn’t call any sub-programms

-          No pointers are used

  • Verified Answer

    I had the same problem today

    I was running a program from another Project that relied on a Linkage Section value being passed that was not actually passed because I had taken the program out into another Project without really looking closely enough at the requirements

    The compile was fine but the run found the problem

    Does your program require something from another program that was not supplied?

    If so, then the 'null' Linkage Section field name might have been low values or something else

    Worth checking

    Run it with DEBUGGING ON on so you can see which instruction had the problem