VisualCobol: Populate WPF DataGrid

Hello, I am new to the Visual (Cobol) / WPF World (coming from ACU-Cobol).

I tried to find a Sample that demonstrates how to fill a WPF DataGrid (NOT DataGridView!!) from a file. I tested 2 different ways to populate the DG but None of them worked - here are them:


- read a file called "VER01" (employees)
- filling a list with the Name, shortname and the number
- read next entry of file - filling list ...
- set the list (LISTBOX) to ItemsSource of Datagrid (LB1)
- DataGrid is empty although the List is filled correctly



- read file called "VER01" (employees)
- fill a Single-line-Array (LB1X) with entries from VER01 and
- directly try to add this line to the DataGrit (Invoke LB1::Items::Add(LB1X)
- The DataGrid is populatetd with the correct number of rows (concerning to the entries in the file) but the DataGrid has no content


I really tried to find samles/help in the documentation, Forums, wikis, Google but could not find something that helps ... can anyone help please?

THX kathrin