Message Box Timeout?

 I've been using the message box (Windows) for long time, and once in a while a message box will hold up a process from finishing.  Is there any way to code a timeout on a message box and force the default response after say X number of seconds?


The message box variables I'm familiar with are TEXT, TITLE, TYPE, ICON, DEFAULT (response), VALUE 


  • From what I can tell, the standard MessageBox class does not implement a timer functionality. It is recommended that you instead create your own messagebox class using a standard form and then add a timer to it's Load method.

    You don't mention what version of the MessageBox class you are using. Is this for WinForms, WPF, native code, etc?

    I assumed that you are using WinForms so I created a simple example based on that technology. 

    I have attached it to this reply.