Expanding cblproto.cpy in .pco program using cobsql procobol precompiler results in error pcb-s-00400

Compiling a .PCO file using procobol/cblsql using the following command line in windows

cobol test.pco noobj int(%INTPATH%) COBIDY(%IDYPATH%) LISTPATH(%LISTPATH%) inticall(oracle11) P(COBSQL) cobsqltype==Oracle NOMAKESYN end-c MODE=ANSI PICX=CHARF P(CP) SY ENDP

test.lis has PCB-S-00400 error at End Program statements of cblproto.cpy program

Any idea why this error is cropping up in cblproto.cpy in test.lis file?

Note: test.pco has cblproto.cpy in a copy statement before the start of IDENTIFICATION DIVISION