Relative Record Number file Read problem in Visual COBOl


I am trying to read an RRN (Relative Record Number File) in Visual COBOL, The file was created in Micro Focus and Now we will be using this in Visual COBOL as part of Migration/Up-gradation to Visual COBOL.

when i open this file in program it is successful but when trying to read it with RRN number, i am getting an error code "23" that is record not found.

Let me know how can i handle/correct this in Visual COBOL.

  • If this is a relative file as in organization is relative then the handling shouldn't have changed between previous products such as Net Express/Server Express and Visual COBOL.

    Is it a specific record number that you cannot access or can you not access and record within the file by relative key?

    Can you show me what the file definition looks like and the open and read statements that you are using?